Democratized Digital Insurance

With Blockchain and Smart Contracts Technology

Democratized Digital Insurance Business

Over centuries, insurance business was overtaken by companies with huge capital. We bought insurance products designed by their own perspective and yet products are not designed by us or any talent around the world due to high barrier of the insurance industry.


Axinan is developing an Open Insurance Platform built on top of blockchain and smart contracts where transactions are kept immutable and transparent. Moreover, each claim will be paid out automatically by smart contract's design.

This platform aims to democratize insurance and significantly lower the barrier of entry at every layer of insurance ecosystem. Everyone can participate in designing, publishing, distribution, and investing of insurance products.


Leverage Insurance Smart Contract

There is a problem with long-term investment in today's blockchain solutions. In a transaction, buyers and sellers need to freeze all the capital in the smart contract until its maturity. The high capital requirement of this design does not encourage long-term investments based on smart contract.


Axinan platform designs a solvency system that helps investors achieve a leveraged investment strategy. Based on insurance company's capital management model, the solvency system can reduce capital requirements thousands of times, thus greatly improve the return on investment.


The system also enables providing capital for long-term products as a profitable investment. Frequent long-term product transactions can also help our platform to build a secondary market for investment, to facilitate investors to cash in gains and losses and adjust trading strategies.


Axinan Insurance Platform

You can join to our platform ecosystem with the following roles:
  • Insured who seek protections, buy products on the platform.


  • Broker who help customers shop insurance products.


  • Insurance company who converts company's existing products into smart contracts.


  • Insurer who designs products and provide capital, publish your own products.


  • Designer who designs your own products, the platform will help you raise capital.


  • Investor who provides investment for the best designed products.


Feature Highlighted of Axinan's Digital Insurance Platform

Democratized Insurance Product

Everyone on the platform can design your own insurance products without any concerns on the capital.

Automated Claim Processing

With Smart Contracts, the claim processing is fully automated and is done inside blockchain. Customer won't waste time to get the money back.

Liquidity & Trading

The platform enables trading of policies to generate liquidity. Investors may profit from short term trading or long term investment.

Solvency System

Solvency system complies with insurance regulations. Risk management requirements consistent with insurance companies.​


Index Insurance

Designers can design various types of index insurance on the platform, such as agricultural products index, solar power sunshine index, ski insurance on the snow index and so on. Insurance companies do not have the resources to design all the products for these fragmented indices.


The Axinan platform can provide these fragmented protections designed and offered by our insurance community that everyone is involved in. Our highly automated system can also achieve real-time payment for index insurances.


Senior Citizen Insurance

It is difficult for elderly people over 65 years old to seek commercial medical insurance. Axinan platform can help these people to launch mutual insurances. Individuals with common needs and face same risks can be organized spontaneously, using smart contracts to establish a mutual insurance system.


Axinan platform provides technology that enables any individual or group to quickly initiate mutual insurance without the need for an insurance company or other organizations.


Road Map


About Us

Axinan is a FinTech company (Singapore HQ + Jakarta office) with its focus on financial products on the whole ASIA marketplaces. We're a team of result-driven innovators and have developed successful products for leading companies including free return protection for Tokopedia.

We believed that blockchain is the next wave to digitization. Smart contracts powered by a blockchain could enforce customer rights and managing claims in a transparent, responsive and irrefutable manner. They are unbeatable combination when it comes to insurance area.


Meet The Team

Wei Zhu

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Before founding Axinan, Wei was the CTO of Grab - leading transportation startup in South East Asia. Wei has had a long career in the US, working with Microsoft and Facebook. He was one of first 100 engineers of Facebook (2007-2013) and inventor of key Facebook Platform and Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

Chris Kim

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Chris was the Head of International Legal at Facebook, responsible for Facebook's global international legal functions. Negotiated and closed large scale internet transactions at Facebook, Google and Yahoo. Specialties: international legal issues, internet transaction, intellectual property. Chris holds LLB, Law from the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Jack Xia

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Jack received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics from Nanyang Technological University. He received the Fellow of Society of Actuaries (FSA) designation and Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst (CERA) designation from Society of Actuaries (SOA). Before joining Axinan, Jack worked in actuarial modeling and capital modeling team at Munich Reinsurance.

Cheng Ji

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Cheng graduated from NUS with a Master's in computer science. He is most experienced in distributed systems. At Google, he worked on the rendering technology that leverages Google's computing power to accelerate movie productions. At Grab, he developed several iterations of GrabCar booking dispatching algorithm. Prior to this, he led the server team at Mozat on live streaming, mobile chat app and gaming platform.

Ke Liang

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Ke was the Engineering Lead of GrabPay (Grab payment system). He was CTO & Co-founder of Coinut (Invested by Boost VC and Bitmain), which is the first Bitcoin option exchange founded in 2013. 
He received his B.E., M.E. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Beihang University, Tsinghua University, and National University of Singapore, respectively.

Hsinho Yeh

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Before joining Axinan, Hsinho was a team lead in HTC's cloud infrastructure, especially in distributed cloud storage (2013-2016). He specialized in data mining, computer vision, and machine learning while he was in National Cheng Kung University (2007-2009) and Academia Sinica (2009-2013).

Naijia Zheng

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Naijia graduated from National University of Singapore major in Computer Engineering, published multiple papers in top conferences including ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics). He has working experiences in SfM (Computer Vision) and WSD (NLP) related areas. He also worked at SEA (Garena) payment team as a Backend Developer.

Aohua Mu

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Before joining Axinan, Aohua was front-end lead and senior front end engineer in two Singapore top startup companies. He is specialized in creating and designing single page application, website optimization, progressive web application, and front end frameworks. He has a post graduate diploma in National University of Singapore and bachelor degree in Chung-Ang University(Korea).

Anthony Kusuma

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Before joining Axinan, Anthony was marketing and business development manager in Indonesia. He has been managing Axinan’s products with Indonesia leading E-Commerce marketplace Tokopedia. He also developed partnerships with various other Indonesia E-Commerce players. Anthony graduated from HELP University major in Marketing Management.


Advisors & Investors

Linear Venture

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Linear Venture strives to be the best Applied-Data-Intelligence fund in China. It's a Shanghai-based early stage venture focusing on tech-driven startups, founded by former JD (China's Amazon) and Tmall's (Alibaba's B2C brand) executive Michael Zhang and Facebook's founding employee Harry Wang. We have invested in over 30 startups in China, Silicon Valley and Southeast Asia.

Prithvi Rai

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Senior Technical leader with experience building global engineering organization to solve for scale for billions of users and dollars in revenue. Over the past 20+ years, Prithvi have successfully delivered on high impact initiatives in fast paced pre/post IPO high growth environments at Uber, Facebook, Yahoo, Cybercash and Infosys.

Early Investor

Head of P&C Underwriting in international reinsurance company. Take charge of underwriting for Asia Pacific region, and matrix manage pricing actuary and catastrophe modelling.16 years work experience in global insurance and reinsurance companies. Master of Science in International Business. Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter (CPCU).

Early Investor

Among the very few actuaries dually qualified with both Casualty Actuarial Society (FCAS) and Society of Actuaries (SOA). Senior actuary with 11 years’ experience in life, health, property and casualty fields. Successfully led the project to help world’s biggest E-commerce platform to launch its first online health insurance product.

Early Investor

Reinsurance and insurance expert. Extensive experience in actuarial pricing, capital management and risk management. Has designed and implemented motor, agriculture, credit and other insurance products. Working now as a pricing lead in a top reinsurer, in charge of a reinsurance portfolio more than several millions usd.

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